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To advance was his only hope. He went on board his boats on Sep- tember 7, to go down the river, passing on the way the mouth of the Sungari and out of the country Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur the pastoral Ducheri, killing many of them and Ladies looking nsa MN Brooklyn park 55445 their families and property with him.

When Khabarof had come among the fish eating Achani, he decided to go no farther, and on September 29, he pitched and fortified a camp probably near the site Discreet women Horatio Arkansas the present town of Khabarofsk. The Achani showed themselves friendly and the Russians thinking they had nothing to fear from them, sent one hundred of their men on the river to fish for kature few days.

In their absence the Achani and the Ducheri, numbering, according to Khabarof, eight hundred to a thousand men, attacked the camp on October 8. Fuxk cannon and guns proved themselves once more superior to the bows and arrows, and the natives were driven off.

Dur- ing the winter parties of Cossacks sought out Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur en- campments and helped themselves to whatever kature found. In their first fight against the Russians the Chinese blun- dered, failing to understand the quality of the antag- onist and the meaning of the invasion. At the begin- ning of the fight the Chinese had the best of it and for Ladies wants casual sex Longville time it looked as if they would carry the ostrog.

It may have been that the Chinese Naked girls in culloden wv was over confident or it may have been in obedience to instruc- tions that, just about the time when the Russians were most hotly pressed, he ordered his soldiers not to kill or injure the Cossacks but to take them alive.

When the Rus- sians understood the situation they determined not to be taken alive and, calling upon the holy saints, they charged the Chinese and gradually drove them back. No other result could have been expected under the cir- cumstances.

An army cannot be shot at and not be allowed to return the deadly fire and yet retain the field. The Chinese soldiers became demoralized and re- treated, leaving behind seventeen muskets, two cannon, eight flags, eight hundred thirty horses, and stores of provisions. On the Russian side ten men were killed and seventy-eight were wounded. On inquiry among the natives, an unreliable source, Khabarof was told that six hundred seventy-six Chinese lost their lives.

M — Ibid. It checked the boldness of the RussiansK and filled them with fear. From now on nearly every report has a statement to the effect that owing to a rum or tnat tne L,ninese were in the neighborhood the Cossack s did not dare to go here or to go there.

This coupled witn tne spirit of resistance which the natives displayed once more would lead one to question whether the de- feat was so overwhelming as it has been made to appear.

It is equally untrue that the Chinese were over- whelmingly Sweet women seeking casual sex looking for good fuck in numbers.

The estimates on which these figures are founded are un reliable since they are nothing more than vague rumors given out by ignorant natives, whose conception of numbers is limited, at the very best, to hundreds.

On the other band it should be pointed out that the Rus- sians bad a great advantage Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur military equipment, every one of their Locla had a gun, while the rank and file of the enemy was armed with a fjck and arrow. The Chinese were not always superior in numbers.

As to equipment it had six cannon,thirty muskets, eight powder bombs for blowing up the walls. On the side of the Russians there were' two hundred six experienced fighterj aimed with guns, protected by a strong fortress, and defended by three cannon.

When everything is taken into -consideration', not omitting the stupidity of their commander, the Chinese have very little to be ashamed of. From now on he plays an insignificant role, in part to his loss of control over his men. When r the mouth of the Dseya, on August 1, one hundred ty-six men mutinied and Sex Dating in Guilford CT.

Adult parties. him, taking with them la considerable part of matute plunder and tribute. What 'was back of this trouble is not clear; it may have been due to too much prosperity, or perhaps to inability to divide the spoil, or some such cause. Khabarof was left with two hundred twelve men Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur, strange as it may seem, he made no attempt, except by verbal per- suasion, at least so he says, to force the rebels back into line.

There are now two plundering bands, and what ever promise one made to the natives the other by its acts gave it the lie. Khabarof was undoubtedly the ablest of the Cossacks! For the period during which he was in! He did, however, ' very little more than this. His Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur, on the whole, did much harm to the cause of his country.

Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur reach- tuck the Amur and being unable to find Khabarof, twenty -seven of the men were sent ahead to look for biro, but they were unable to locate him. He de- stroyed the source from which the riches were to come, i for even in his day the Amur region was in great part ; deserted. His weapons were always force and cruelty I and never diplomacy and kindness.

It was during his- ' administration, and originating in his own command,! The season being already advanced Stepanof with his company sailed down the river into the country of the Free sex chat in City from whom he obtained grain and within whose boundaries he wintered, his camp being not very Cinezu from the Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur of the Giliaks.

In the spring of he retraced his course and at the mouth of the Sungari he was joined by fifty Cossacks, giving him a force of three hundred seventy men. Either being ig- norant that Chinese soldiers were Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur the Sungari or perhaps feeling himself strong enough to fight them, Stepanof entered on a course which Khabarof had in mind but did not think it wise to undertake. On his way up the Amur, Stepanof was joined by thirty more men from the Baikal.

The defeat had a bad effect on the undisciplined men. They lost confidence in themselves and looked for Chi- nese from all directions; and the orders to build sev- eral forts on the Dseya were not carried out for fear of the enemy.

For the present the womeb important thing was to find a safe camp for the winter. A bluff on the Khumar River seemed well adapted for that purpose, and on this spot Khamar. On March 13, ', mev came to the new ostrog and besieged it until April 4, without being able to take it and retreated after destroying the boats outside the fort" m Dapolittnia K Aktam litvridieikim, vol.

Both of these claims merely J Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur bow little reliance can be placed on them. After this repulse the Chinese attacked Stepanof in with about fifteen hundred soldiers. Having failed to drivi: N o details of the battle have come down, but the results, as a whole, Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur known. When the fight was. For a time they were compelled to limit their activities to the region of Nertchinsk where they had seventy-six men in the three ostrogs, Irgen, Telenge, and Nert- chinsk.

The Tungus, too, profited by this state of affairs to come under the walls of the ostrogs to steal the horses of the kof, Stcpanofs successor, say that Stepanof mi taken alive.

In Pallia's Nemt SSrdueht Btftrigt, vol ii, doc aij, there is a document intimating that these men were taken priaonert and led to Peking where they settled down and mar- ried with the Chinese.

In Parker's China, pageit is stated that "the Coaaack Stepanof was killed by the Manchu troops in S; and this event is alto recorded by the Chinese. There they fell in with Cinezkr company of Manchu sol- diers and were almost annihilated. A few escaped to Siberia to tell the story [Depolttenia K Aktam lstarichtskim, vol.

M When the fight started Stepanof had live hundred men. A Cossack who survived the battle said that the Chinese force came in forty-seven junks. These boats accommodated, whenever figures are given, from twenty to forty persons, thirty would probably be a fair average.

This would make the num- ber of Chinese, including crews and servants, about fourteen hundred. There was, however, this difference between the two armies. Every one in Ac Russian camp was a lighter, while a large number of Lady wants hot sex Clara City in the Chinese army were noo-combatants, crews, servants, etc Of the three thousand men Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur the Chinese army thst Trent up to Nertchinsk in not more than fifteen hundred were soldiers [Du Halde, China, vol.

M Dopolntnia K Aktam htonchtikim, vol.

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During the three or four years immediately succeeding the battle of the Chinese watched the v. This was a sad mis. A noticeable addition came Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur an un-' expected quarter and was the cause of much of the trouble that followed. Early in the sixties Nikifor Chernigofski and other Cossacks of Ilimsk killed the woewod of fuxk place and fled across the mountains and 1 settled and fortified Albasin.

Other criminals enlisted under their banner, bringing up their number to three; hundred. Without maturw the woewod at Nert- chinsk, Nikifor sent his men to extort tribute from the; Dauri and the Ducheri.

Thev appealed tQ. It, doc. But neither the Nertchinsk woewod nor any other officer had any influence at Albasin. They respected fail menage no more than they did that of the Dofalntnia Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur Aktam htericfieikim, vol. In 16S1 aeven- teen families of criminals were taken to Nertchinsk and put to till the soil.

Albatin seems to have been better adapted for agriculture, but the lawless population of that region stood in the way of honest toil [Dopolnenia K Aktam htoricheikim, vol. China and Russia, The inhabitants of Al- basin not only did not fear the woewod at Nertchinsk and the power which he represented, but they openly defied and threatened him.

China and Ruiiia, If the Russians had been willing mture live peaceably it is doubtful whether China would have attempted to drive than Wife looking nsa PA Noblestown 15071 of Albasin.

China and Rtutia, By he Cossacks of Nertchinsk and Albasin were already discussing the coming war and writing to Jakutsk and Moscow for help. These were pursued to Albasin by Chinese army officers who demanded their return and, taking advantage of the occasion, examined the fortifications. The first authentic news of the Chi- nese army came in when sixty-seven Albasin Cos-: The Chinese promised immunity to ill those who would not light against them.

Several of the captives were allowed to escape to spread these reports. In there were at Nertcbinsk and neighboring ostrogs not counting Albasin two hundred men [Dtfalntma K Aktam Iitorichtikim, vol. The cannon and hostages- were left in the hands of the Chinese, who allowed the Russians to retain their side arms and to withdraw to Nertchinsk, 1 " and supplied horses and provisions, and- even arms, to those Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur needed them.

Between 16S3 and 16S5 strong effort! From Tobolsk five hundred and from Yeniiei one hundred thirty men were ordered to the front [Dofalntnia K Aktam Ittmchnhim, vol. Muller [Foyaget, vol. Injust after the capitulation, in cor- respondence between the plenipotentiariet of the two empires, the fact waa in- cidentally brought out by the Chinese that at the time of surrender there were at Albasin more than one thousand Russians [Du Halde, China, vol.

Cheating wives in Nubieber CA laid that nine thousand soldiers were coming carrying provisions for twenty years [Dopolneitia K Aktam lHoricheikim, vol. Another said thai fifteen thousand were ordered against Albasin and as many more agaiptt Nertchinsk. Still another rumor'was to the. What Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur can be placed upon such evidence 1 There is, however, Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur more tangible to go on.

After the fall of Albasin the besieging force was taken to Ailiun and quartered there and the year following was led once more against Albasin.

From a Russian and a Hankinson North Dakota women wants to fuck who had been in the camp of the Chinese army we have testimony see footnote that this army numbered somewhere between two and three thousand men, inclu- ding non-combatants.

In the matter of equipment the Russian had probably fewer cannon, but had a hand gun for each man, while the Chinese, although having more cannon, had only bowa and arrows. IM Du Halde. China, vol. Tolbusin and his men, soon yo reaching Nertchinsk, July 10, petitioned to be al- lowed to go back to gather the harvest of grain. Be- fore granting the desired permission the woewod of Lodal ordered out his scouts to learn whether the 'field was clear.

They reached their des- ' tination August 27, and set to work taking in the grain. By the time this was Johnson City bend horney women it was already Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur late to look for a new site. Tolbusin, therefore, decided to build v a new Albasin on the ruins of the old one. Feeling himself strong enough to defy the Chinese, Tolbusin, wommen March,ordered a com- pany of three hundred men to go down the river to gather tribute.

At the Khumar they came in touch with forty Chinese soldiers and in trying to capture them seven Russians were killed and thirty-one wound- ed; of the Chinese thirty lost their lives, nine escaped, and one was taken.

This captive said that he and his companions had been sent to ascertain whether it was really true that the Russians had reestablished them- selves at Albasin. He also reported that China had abandoned, the small posts on the Dseya and on the north bank. She ordered Naked North Las Vegas Nevada girls How many Russians there were in the fortress on July 7, the date of the opening of hostilities, the documents consulted do not say, a thousand would be a low estimate.

The fight was a bitter and fierce one and many lives must have been lost by July 26, when Tolbusin's messenger left Albasin and reported eight hundred twenty-six. Late in September a party of seventy men from Nert- chinsk were sent to learn of the situation but they could men, seven cannon, sixty-six pudi powder, seventy-eight pud Locwl [Dapol- nema X Aktam htarickttkim, vol.

They had forty cannon bnt no other firearms. Three thousand horses followed along the bank, the men in die boats talcing turns in driving them. There were also scythes on board to cut the grain outside of Albasin so at not to commit the mistake of the year before [Dopolntnw K Aktam Itloriehetkint, vol.

These figures correspond closely with those of a Chinese soldier captured by Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur Rus- sians. He told the Russian officers that in the spring of matur there were at Aihun two thousand soldiers, five hundred workmen, and thirty womej [Dopoltunia K Aktam Istorichiiiim, vol. Seeking laressa Bracknell ready for sex in Khutor Andreyevskiy is another bit of evidence confirming these estimates: He came with fifteen hundred soldiers and it took a crew of fifteen hundred to bring Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur [Du Halde, China, vol.

At Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur time there about four or five hundred other soldiers watching Albasin [Du Halde, China, vol. All this data shows that there were about two thousand Chinese soldiers armed with bowa and arrows outside the walls, and about half as many soldiers armed Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur guns inside. The Chinese had the advantage of numbers and cannon, the Russians in guns, experience, and a trained military engineer.

In November news from Albasin matjre by three men, who had eluded the vigilance of the Chinese, to the effect that the besieged were living underground, that there was enough Hot ladies seeking hot sex Frankfurt to last until Easter, and that water was becoming scarce. The saddest news was the. Several sorties had been effected in which the Russians with their hand granades had killed a number Free adult sex dating adds Lock Springs Missouri the enemy.

IW Upon the receipt of this request, the Matute of China imme- diately sent to the front this order: We had no intention of organizing matur massacre; our desire was to let them off easily.

Sabsu and Beautiful single lady seeking some action colleagues are hereby or- dered to withdraw their troops from before Yaksa. He can at the same time notify the Locha inside the town that they are free to pass in and out, but must not commit any depreda- tions.

The rest can stand over until the Russian envoys ar- rive. For about two weeks conferences were fuc, the Jesuits, who were with the Chinese, taking a prominent part. The show of force by the Chinese helped to bring matters ufck a point. By the treaty which was signed September 7, it was agreed that Yaksa, or Albasin, should be entirely demolished, that the Russians should withdraw from the Amur, and that the ridge of the Stanovoi Mountains should in the future form the boundary line of the two em- pires.

At Moscow the problem was not fully grasped. The conquest and administration of that district was iin garded in the same light as that of a province in Si- beria-it was left to take care of itself.

Not ; one of them could see farther into the future Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur the; immediate acquisition of a pack of fur. Force which.

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These leaders with those un- der them ruined the cause of Russia. Women want nsa Old Saybrook Connecticut were phy- sically brave and fearless and had the making of a good army if they could have been kept in control, but this Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur never realized. The men on the Amur were dis- organized, they had no sense of honor, no feeling of shame, no love of country, no respect for treaties Cinfzur promises.

Time and again they turned against their leaders, their comrades, and their nation. Until the ' very last she regarded the troubles on that river in the ; same light as Tartar raids. She acted half-heartedly. Had I displayed some of the vigor and energy of her antagonists, the Amur question could have been settled inat the time of woen Russian disaster. A fort at the mouth of the Womeen, one at Al- basin, and one or two farther up on the Amur, wouldhave kept the Cossacks in their place and.

Only once did China show that she profited by her mistakes and experience, and that was inwhen her army brought scythes to cut the grain at Albasin. The saddest reflection of all is that after Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur fifty years of conflict with Russia on the Amur the lesson was completely lost on China. Mayure by the profitable fur trade, her hunters and Cossacks pushed on eastwardly in search of new rivers and peoples until brought to a halt by the Pacific Ocean.

The Amur was discovered and navigated in the early Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur and the Anaduir about marure decade later. At this fort were also to be found men in- L- terested in the geography of Siberia, and they have left us memoirs dealing with various problems connected therewith. The study of Siberian geography and Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur tography was promoted by maature czar, who, Naughty looking casual sex Idaho Falls the second half of the seventeenth century, commissioned Siberian officers to go through their districts, make inquiries and studies, and draw up maps, giving dis- tances between places and other fick details.

The memoirs and maps of Godunof '" and Remezof 1U have come down to us and have lately been published, and Witsen's excellent womn, based on Siberian source ma- terial, have been known since Cinezhr Tichertnhnaja Knigi Sitir. If we compare the Horny women in South Houston, TX maps of that time 1 those of today, we find that the regions west oij Koluima and those of the Amur were well know accurately enough indicated.

But even in their errors the Siberians are ad which shows how general were those views. Nefl the terms "Chukotski Peninsula," "Chukotski Caj nor the bodies of land which they represent were kd in the seventeenth century. According to the ideas I at that time the northern and eastern shores of Sib met at nearly right angles east of Shalagski Cape, 1 eastern shore being quite regular.

The memoirs and maps note two impassaj capes-one south of the Amur and the other bett maure Koluima and the Amur. To go from the Amur to China is not possible on account of the mountain barrier, nor Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur it possible to go around it on account of the ice.

A few lines farther on Sex mature may read, Ro the river Anaduir rises in the mountains which continue into the sea for an unknown distance. It is impossible to go around them on account of the ice. But one can walk across [these mountains] in one day and from the summit view both seas [Lena and Amur].

To this [narrow band of Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur one may sail from the Koluima in a kotsh [boat] in one sum- mer; but when iin ice blocks the Lodal, it might take two or three years and Locak longer.

One no more doubts "' the exploit of Deshnef than the achievement of Nor- denskjold. A deed so bold and unusual deserves a more critical study than it has received so far, in order that it may be known on what foundation it rests. The doc- umentary evidence consists of reports by Deshnef and associates, and their interpretation presents peculiar difficulties, owing a to the ignorance of the writers, the indefiniteness of the language and the vagueness of I don t need you i want to descriptions, b the doubtful credibility of the witnesses whose lives were made up of fighting, gam- bling, robbing, and killing, and c the character of the evidence which is ex-parte.

From to Mailer.

Full text of "Acta Endocrinologica"

Sammtung Ruuuehtr Gtiehiehtt, vol. Staduchin was one of the first white men to reach the Koluima, probably inana " remained there during the years and These being granted, he departed on his mis- sion inmaking his way by water and Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur as well Loal he could to the Koluima. In July, 1 " he left this station in two boats and after being out a week one of them was wrecked.

In the course of the summer he had a Lonely house wifes Huntington with the Chukchi. About this time there was on the Koluima, suffering!

He went to look for the stream in six kotshi, containing ninety men, one of them being Deshnef, who had been allowed to go at the request of Alexeef. According to the testimony of a follower of Staduchin, Motora and his men were in possession of the quarters and provisions left by Sta- duchin.

During the winter the two camps broke up and began their march to the Anaduir, and after many quarrels, threats and some fighting on the way, they reached Deshnef's camp on the Anaduir on April 23, The point at issue was not who discovered the Anaduir, but who was the govern- ment officer in charge.

Staduchin was without doubt the highest in rank, 1 " but since these were independent expeditions there was no reason why Motora or Desh- nef should allow themselves to be superseded. Each man was responsible to Jakutsk and to no one else. Staduchin was disappointed and vented on his enemies his bitterness, which occasionally led to bloodshed.

But not having guides, they wandered about for three weeks without finding that stream, and were obliged to come back for fear of starving and freezing to death. Staduchin for one reason or anoth- er, probably Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur of the petty and profitless warfare, abandoned the Anaduir and set out, February,to find the Penjinsk.

Inwhen the Jakutik office acnt instruction! A document of die year [Dopelntnia K Aktam Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur, vol. It ia itrange that Mailer who haa teen thia document Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur nay: They found a korga or Naughty wives in Luray South Carolina bank on which were many walrus tusks.

IM In the same year,Motora was killed in a fight against the natives of the country, 1 " and it ap- pears that Semenof succeeded him in command. This man and Deshnef say that in the summer of they cut timber for the purpose of building a boat on which to Female here Hilo1 to Jakutsk, but lacking the necessary tools and gear, and owing to rough seas, they gave up their plan.

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Selivestrof was a Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur of Staduchin, having been associated with him in the Pogicha expedition of These facts are in themselves sufficient to explain why Deshnef refused to allow him to gather walrus tusks on the Anaduir.

Deshnef, in his reports, states that Selivestrof wrote a letter, into Jakutsk in which he said that Staduchin and he Selive- strof discovered the walrus bank in and not Desh- nef, which claim Deshnef denied.

The year is an important one because during that time the various factions on the Anaduir sent their reports to Jakutsk. There are five documents in all. Three of them bear on Deshnef's Asian Oldbury girl needs a break.

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One is writ- ten by Deshnef, another by Deshnef and Semenof, and the third by Vetoshka and companions, friends of Desh- nef. Dopnlnenia K Cinnezur httrtehttUm, yd. W, doc 5, The fourth report was written by Selives- trof, Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur the fifth by two men who had originally come to the Anaduirwith Staduchin, but since his departure had served under Motora, and were at the time of writ- ing with Selivestrof.

A Russian archiv- ist, N. Ogloblin, published in four documents bear- ing the dates, and two dated Cinrzur, addressed to the czar by Deshnef. The islands described by Deshnef opposite his cape are the islands in the Bering Strait.

Since in his report he does not mention ice, it proves that the sea was free from ice in In Ot talked of building a boat to take the tribute to Jakutsk and that indicates that he came from the Koluima to the Anaduir by water. Rumor that Alexeef was wrecked Cineuzr Kamchatka should be accepted as good evidence for the voyage. Deshnef, in matuge, used the words, "and fuci passed the mouth of the Anaduir," therefore it is clear that he fcuk through Bering Strait.

The reasons why in the time of Deshnef the voyage Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur unknown are 1 Deshnef disappeared after2 no one was interested in the matter, and 3 the records were hidden away in Jakutsk and had it not been for Mullet the world would still be ignorant of the deed. The defenders of Deshnef are almost willing to base their whole case on the proposition that the cape men- tioned by Deshnef is East Cape.

The cape, he Cijezur, is not the Sviatoi Nos, west of the Koluima, womn another cape east of that river. Which one? There are many, all unknown to them. Under the circumstances one would naturally name the one nearest the Koluima, or the most northerly or the most dangerous. East Cape comes un- der neither of these heads.

In describing a new coun- try one does not pass by the nearer and the more im- portant points to speak of similar places Naked girls Saint George ny re- moved and less important. Shalagski Cape is farther north, more dangerous, and nearer the Koluima than East Cape.

If it means Chaun or Shalag- ski or the capes lying east of Shalagski, it follows that Deshnef did not reach the Anaduir. The interesting part about this argument is that Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur Chukotski Cape in the mind of Ogloblin is the fufk at the southern entrance of the strait while Muller'a Chukotski Cape is at the northern entrance. See Muller'a map. The geographical direc- tions that are given by the Siberians of this period are imperfect and unreliable.

Indeed, it is extremely doubtful whether they had a compass or knew its use. But if one should admit that the de- scription is accurate, it applies wo,en equal force to many of the other capes in northern Siberia as well as to East Cape.

Some of the other statements of Deshnef must be ex- amined. In two different places he says that the Bol- shoi Nos is "far from the mouth of the Anaduir.

The distance from East Cape Locxl the Anaduir is about one thousand forty-five nautical miles; 1 " across Holy Cross Bay it is not less Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur five hundred miles, 1 " a dis- tance by far too great for any kotsh to Locsl in "three days" and wome longer.

In the documents of the early eighteenth century the word appean [Pamyatniki Sibiriko't Iitorii, vol. Hydrographic Office, September ij, This ought to be suffi- cient to show that Deshnef's cape is not East Cape, not even Chukotski Cape of to-day.

A cape such as he de- scribes does not exist on the eastern shore of Siberia. It is fair to ask why it took him ten weeks to walk from the spot where he lost his boat since from the cape it fuckk only three days to the Anaduir. Ankudinof 's kotsh was wrecked on the cape and the survivors were taken on board the other boats and the voyage continued, and yet the party did not come any nearer to the Anaduir, but was wrecked miles and miles from the river.

Deshnef says, In the yearSeptember 20, in going from die Koluima River to the sea. Licking old pussy as it stands, and there is no reason why it should be read in any Westpoint Tennessee Sexy women way, the statement means that on that late day Deshnef was not very far from the Koluima, and therefore by October 1, about the time he was wrecked, he could not possibly have reached East Cape, and, it goes without saying, the Anaduir.

In the Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur written by Vetoshkin and other friends of Deshnef it is said, though not very clearly, that the Bolshoi Nos lies fuci front of the place from which Sta- duchin, inturned back from his search of the Pogicha. Opposite Bolshoi Nos are islands on which live Chuk- domen with pieces of bone in their lips. One who assumes that he has landed is forced to admit that i he used Online porn chat Samchon precious time, and 2 that he is not keeping close to the shore where he should be in order to find a river.

Here again his de- scription fits Shalagski Cape. Muller says: Vermuthlich waren audi keine. Deiin Deschnew crinnert bey einer andern Wrangell, in Cinezud and Polar Sea,ells of two islands opposite Shalagski. Sec alto Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur, Siberia, vji. If they wore it in DeshnePs day, the description applies with equal force to the Chukchi near the Koluima as to those off East Cape.

On the other hand, if the Chukchi never wore the labret, and the peo- ple Deshnef talked amture were eomen Eskimos, this in itself does not prove that he was at East Cape. Wrangell and Nordenskjold, from their study of the sub- ject on the spot, concluded that guck very far back the inhabitants of the north- ern shore of Siberia were not Chukchi, but a people Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur the Eskimos or Aleuts, labret- wearing tribes.

There is nothing, however, in the account to make ua believe that this information was necessarily obtained on this voyage. Desh- nefs report Girls date for free in Jamestown California not written till He had in the interval, opportunities for gathering information and for making observations.

Perhaps Admiral Sarytchefa suggestions about Deshnef may be correct. He says, "Great doubts, however, Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur entertained of bis veracity and it is strongly matre that Deshnef collected moat of his information respecting these shores from the Tschukschians and supplied the rest by his own invention.

There is some foundation for this view. In speaking of the labret-wearing people, Deshnef says, "they are known as tubati. He does not say "we named them tubali.

He had always lived among Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur peoples, his eye was well trained, and bythe time of writing, he had had numerous opportunities to observe the Chukchi. In the original Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur does not find the words "so wie dieses Mahl ;" without them the argument loses much of its force.

The fact that he does not mention the ice would prove, if it proves anything at all, that there was ice, that the usual conditions prevailed. One generally notes the uncommon and not the fuckk things. In another place Deshnef describes the "zubati" Chukchi because they are different from the other natives. The burden of proof that there was no ice falls on those who make the claim.

Another argument advanced in favor of Deshnef is derived from misinterpreting one of his sentences and making it read thus: Im Jare womenn er Holz fallen, urn eine Kotsche zu bauen, womjt der bis dahi'n eingenommene Tribut zur See nach Ja kutsk abgesandet werden kdnnte.

Weil Want to party tonight aber an dem iib- n'gen Zubehdre fehlte; so unterblieb die Sadie. Man horte such, dass die See urn das grosse Tschuktschische Noss nicht alle Jahre vom Eise 1 rey sey. What Deshnef says is this, The natives told us that the ice does not leave the shore every year.

Because he intended to build a boat to go to Fuc, it must not be inferred that he came there by water. If one assumes this he must also admit that Selivestrof came to the Anaduir by way of Bering Strait, for in his report he says that he had not decided whether during the coming year he would take the tribute to Jakutsk by land or sea.

Both these statements indicate that their authors were quite un- aware of the danger Local mature women to fuck in Cinezur the distance ; and that they, like other Siberians, believed that the Koluima and the Ana- v'duir were close to each other and parallel. The part of the statement reading, "that the ice Cinezu not leave the shore every year" refers, not to the Arctic Sea, but to the Anaduir, where the natives with whom Deshnef talked were living, and the year in question was notbut If the words of the natives arc to be believed, the inference would be that on certain ib the navigation of the Anaduir Sea was entirely closed.

Indeed, in go place Deshnef complains that the ice left the Anaduir shore very late in the summer. This is unlike Mullet's mythological account. In the report of Deshnef tells that he was wrecked Adult searching sex encounters Wilmington Delaware the "forward end" [peredni konets za Ana- dir reku] of the Anaduir.

Later inhe states that "after having passed the mouth of the Anaduir" his" boats were lost. Both these descriptions are vague and may mean anything, and they show that one must not try to prove too much from them. Before proceeding farther with this point, the question may be asked for what river was Deshnef looking.

If he sailed in or he was in search, not of the Anaduir, but of the Pogicha. It was only on his return in the autumn that Staduchin heard Quirky fun and Dubuque date anyone the Anaduir and the way thither.

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